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Delivering across Afghanistan

CTI logistics is connecting Afghanistan through sea in most economical and reliable way of transport. In last 20 years we have delivered thousands of containers across Afghanistan at customers’ doorstep. Our transit department has grown immensely and we have presence in all border cities including Herat, Chaman, Thorkham, Aqina, Turgandi, Nimroz and Sher Khan bandar. We do have presence in all commercial cities of Afghanistan including Kabul, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e-sharif supported with containers terminal on all locations.  


Our Afghan Transit Trade Department is keen and energetic; equipped with extensive knowledge on policies, trade routes and competitive rates. With offices in major cities of Afghanistan we have managed to build strong relationships with Ministries, Customs and local trade authorities.


Primarily there are three categories in this business. Commercial, Non-Commercial (NGO/Diplomatic/UN/Afghan Ministries) and Military/NATO.


Border points in Afghanistan

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